Mrs P Dobbin - Headteacher

My hobby is reading and I love going on holiday in my caravan!


Mrs A Bradbury Deputy Headteacher & Y6 Teacher

I like to teach Art & Mathematics. My favourite book is Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo.


Mrs S Walpole Assistant Head and Y6 Teacher

I like teaching Literacy & Maths. My favourite book is The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo

Miss G Mullett
Y6 Support

I like teaching ICT and my favourite book is The Diddakoi

Mrs W Smith
Y6 TA (Cover Supervisor)

My favourite lessons are P.E & Literacy. My favourite numbers are the square numbers.

Mrs S Denwood
Y5 Teacher

I love teaching reading and music

Mrs P Tattershall
Y5 Teacher

My favourite lesson is Maths and I like to read Little Women by Louisa M Alcott.

Mr D Carling
Y5 Teacher

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I love teaching PE.

Mrs L Clarke
Y5 Support


I love teaching Spanish to the KS2 children.

Mrs C Walton
Y5 Support

I love to hear the choir sing!

Miss V Hipwell
Y4 Teacher

My favourite lesson is Maths and I like to read Gangster Granny by David Walliams.

Mrs S Andrews
Y4 Teacher

My favourite lessons are ICT and Literacy.  I like to read Demon Dentist by David Walliams

Mrs J O'Brien
Y4 Support

My favorite lessons are Art and Technology and I like to read The Twits.

Mrs K Brown
Y4 Support

I love running the drama club. 

Mrs L Ryott
Y3 Teacher






I like teaching Numeracy and my favourite book is Charlotte's Web.


Miss H Preston
Y3 Teacher


My favourite lesson is PE and I really enjoy cycling.


Mrs J Mawson
Y3 Support

My favourite lessons are Art, Needlecraft and Gardening.  I like to read The Unexpected Pond.

Mrs M Wilkes
Y3 Support

My favourite lesson is Art and I like to read anything!

Mrs A Whiteley
Music Teacher

I like teaching Music.  My favourite book is To Kill a Mocking Bird.