Welcome to Year 4!








To link with the topic on Ancient Egypt, the children designed and created a shabti which is a mummiform figurine of about 5 - 30 centimetres found in many ancient Egyptian tombs.


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In maths this week the children have been busy learning fractions. To support their learning, they have first used Multibase materials as a concrete method then moved onto representing the fractions pictorially and finally writing the fractions. 

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The children enjoyed a food tasting experience this week. They tasted Egyptian fruits of the Nile and afterwards created bar graphs and interpreted the data. 



Year 4 had a very productive morning making musical instruments. Parents were invited to support with the DT activity and the creations were amazing. 


Class 10 had a wonderful time developing many skills for the Enterprise Fair. The class had £10.00 to spend and had to decide what they could make, within budget, to sell at the Christmas Enterprise Fair. The photos show how organised the children were in setting up the production line. What fantastic collaboration to ensure that their produce was of a high standard to attract everyone to their stall. 

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Class 9 have been working collaboratively to practice performing their poetry of The Sound Collector linked to our new Science topic on Sound.

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This week Year 4 completed an introductory lesson about sound. The children investigated how sounds were made using a variety of objects and percussion instruments. They then discussed how they made the sounds.

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The children completed some drama work linked to re-enacting parts of the Gunpowder plot. The children worked in small groups to take on the role of different characters. 

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In Literacy this week, the children have followed different sets of instructions. They had to work out how to make different things and work as a team to discuss which instructions were the easiest or hardest to work out and why. The children enjoyed identifying the features of an instruction text. Here are some of the things they made.


The children also made bird feeders linked to our topic 'Living in Harmony.' Afterwards, the children wrote their own set of instructions about how to make a bird feeder ensuring they included all the features and language required in instruction writing. 

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When you visit your child's classroom during the next parent morning don't forget to stop and take a look at the new displays. They showcase a wide range of the children's fantastic work which they have completed so far this year. 

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During an art lesson the children looked at the various skills required when working with clay.  They looked at the different tools which can be used to create texture, and techniques to create sculptures such as pulling and pinching clay, adding pieces, smoothing using fingers and creating holes and hollows. The children created some fantastic detailed sculptures of woodland animals. 

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To link with this half terms topic, Class 9 completed a PE lesson where the children moved to music and imagined they were trees and woodland animals. What fabulous dances they created!




Class 9 and 10 have enjoyed a carousel of activities today all linked to 'Big Maths'. All the children were engaged in activities with a focus to this week's unit on addition. They spent ten minutes on each activity and worked in teams to solve problems and practice skills. 

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Here are a group of children from class 10, busy working on their maths task, in the barn. They measured the lengths of British birds and then completed some problems based on what they found.


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Miss Hipwell and Mrs Pye are very enthusiastic to join their new classes as they begin Year 4. Miss Hipwell is the class teacher in class 10 and Miss Tilley is the teaching assistant. In class 9, Mrs Pye is the class teacher and Mrs Brown is the teaching assistant. The children have settled well into the daily routine of Year 4 and have already produced some excellent work. This half-term our Learning Journey is 'Living in Harmony'.