Last week Class 9 and 10 visited Weston Park Museum. They took part in an Ancient Egypt workshop and then completed a trail around the museum to find Egyptian artefacts. All the children were very well behaved and had a fabulous day.

This week the children have been on a visit to Barkers Park to support with their descriptive writing using all of their senses.

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On Friday 6th October the children had a fabulous day with¬†Rawmarsh CLC. To support their topic learning the children filmed various bird reports, in the woods around Barkers Park, in the style of the BBC one Countryfile programme. Lots of learning took place to get to the stage of filming including¬†children writing and practicing their scripts in the classroom and on the playground. The children worked in groups and used many of our ‘Redscope words’ including collaborate, positive attitude, high standards and ambitious.


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