Our school vision is “to be the best that we can be” in every way, every day.

We are all working together to improve the lives of our children. Learning is at the heart of everything we do. The needs of our children are the key drivers for our school and are embedded within the curriculum we offer and the ethos and philosophy of our school.

We aim to create honest, polite, caring and responsible children with self discipline and perseverance. We aim to provide exciting, stimulating and relevant learning experiences during and after school hours. Through application in other curriculum areas, we aim to develop competence in basic skills and encourage creativity. As a school, we have high expectations and celebrate achievement. We always support and challenge children to be the best they can be.

Each term the teachers aim to develop exciting topics for the different phases:

The Foundation Unit (F1 and F2)

Key Stages 1 (Y1 & Y2)

Key Stage 2 (Y3, Y4 Y5 and Y6)

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