Every Friday we have a celebration assembly. One of our Redscope words will have been selected to focus on throughout the week. The teachers will discuss the chosen word, and its meaning, and the children will share examples of when they have spotted any of their peers showing behaviour or work linked to the selected word. During the assembly the teacher will explain why the child has been nominated for the certificate and pin badge. We are always proud of our children and they love taking the certificates and badges home. Look below for photographs and names of children nominated for special certificates.


The assembly was linked to Enterprise

Friday 8th December 2017

Emily Kurti in Class 10 for having imaginative ideas and naming our cash grid game.

Ruby Stanley in Class 9 for being very creative and having lots of ideas for making money in Enterprise.

Finlay Boot in Class 8 for being creative and sharing his ideas.

Tyler Ardren in Class 7 for sharing great imaginative ideas.

Jameel Skidmore in Class 6 for working hard during Enterprise, working independently and sharing his ideas confidently. 

Jack Leather for his enthusiastic attitude during our Enterprise project. 

Niamh Kuhnel for working hard in Enterprise and being creative. 

Millie Bentley in Class 11 for sharing enthusiasm and independence when making Enterprise biscuits.

Riley Newey in Class 13 for being resourceful and bringing in items from home. 


The assembly had a focus on reading

Friday 24th November 2017

Lee Clare in Class 10 for reading everyday.

Reece Richardson in Class 9 for reading more consistently at home everyday.

Mason Carlin in Class 8 for trying hard to read at home.

Edie Hensby in Class 4 for being a Reading Superstar.

Mea Walers in Class 6 for always reading at home.

William Clark in Class 5 for always reading at home. 

Dallas Pepper in Class 11 for regular reading at home and excellent contributions in guided reading.

Dina Djoudi in Class 7 for starting to read more at home.

Keira Coates in Class 13 for reading regularly at home. 

Kally Jalloh in Class 14 for excellent contributions in reading comprehensions.


Assembly linked to Antibullying Week

Friday 17th November 2017


Ronnie Robinson in Class 10 for being an excellent role model.

Kelsie Dharne in Class 10 for being an excellent role model.

Lillie Mae Gibbons in Class 4 for being a compassionate friend.

Clayton Noonan in Class 6 for being a good friend.

Grace Swallow in Class 11 for showing consideration for others.

Class 7 for being kind and welcoming to our new boy in class and making fabulous conflict resolution posters.

Katie Fletcher in Class 12 for being an excellent role model and a good friend.

Charlie Ashmoore in Class 14 for being a fantastic role model when taking part in the active challenge with Mrs Brown.

Millie Cresswell in Class 13 for being kind, thoughtful and a caring friend. 

Brooke Mcmillen in Class 9 for being a kind friend. She is always kind, caring and fair towards others. 


Work of the Week - Responsibilities

Friday 10th November 2017


Charlie Knapp in Class 9 for taking on the role of Health and Safety Monitor.

Ellis Parker in Class 4 for taking responsibility for his own learning and helping others.

Alfie Clarke in Class 8 for taking responsibility for his learning.

Ava Fletcher in Class 7 for showing responsibility for her behaviour and learning.

Liam Mara in Class 12 for showing responsibility for his learning and always trying his best.

Keira Blyth in Class 6 for taking responsibility for her learning and always doing the very best she can.

Alfie Jones in Class 13 for taking responsibility of the Foundation Stage job he has been given and being reliable.

Imogen Cant in Class 11 for being a responsible learner and being independent.

Connor Somerset in Class 14 for having a responsible attitude to his learning. 

Caitlin Astle in Class 9 for always showing a responsible attitude in class and around school and helping in class with jobs and organising others. 


Word of the Week - Respect

Friday 20th October 2017


Hannah Cheetham in Class 6 for being an excellent role model. She is always kind and respectful to all children and adults in school.

Edie Tann in Class 7 for showing respect.

All of Class 8 for showing respect.

Amber Stacey in Class 10 for respecting other peoples work and providing feedback.

Ashley Keightley in Class 11 for showing respect towards others and respecting the point of view of other children. 

Cole Barton in Class 12 for showing respect.

Lilly Knapp in Class 13 for showing respect towards everybody and everything.

Oliver Cooper in Class 14 for always being respectful and responsible.


Word of the Week - Enjoy

Friday 13th October 2017


Hunter Lawson in Class 4 for really enjoying his maths work and trying his best.

Layla License in Class 6 for having a positive attitude towards learning. She really seems to be enjoying school.

Ella Jackson in Class 7 for enjoying all of her learning. 

Demi-Leigh Liversidge in Class 8 for always enjoying everything and she does it with a smile.

Ajabinta Jabbie in Class 9 for showing enthusiasm and enjoyment in maths. 

Cole Spencer in Class 12 for showing enthusiasm towards his PE lessons.

Alex Bennett in Class 13 for showing enthusiasm towards all aspects of our coastline topic. 

George Ross in Class 14 for much improved writing.  


Word of the Week - Resilience

Friday 6th October 2017


Max Stringer for great resilience in his writing. 

Warren Tyas for great resilience in his writing.

Keenan Lazenby for great resilience in writing.

Kate Rusby for never giving up and being a truly resilient learner.

Lacey Holmes for being an excellent Redscope learner.

Year 6 Maths group for keeping going during the conker challenge. 


Word of the Week - Reflection

Friday 30th September 2017


Caisy Scratton for reflecting on her learning and making changes to her recount.

Lewis Clark for continuing to reflect by using reflection slips and using peer critique to support others. 

Abi Williamson for reflecting and making her work even better.

Bradley Pierpoint for taking his time to produce well structured work, reflecting and improving.

Jessica Thompson for reflecting on her work and trying to improve it, especially with her spellings.

Cade Dunne for thinking hard about how to improve his learning.

Kaiden Foster for responding to teacher marking.

Frankie Zhang for always trying to improve her work.

Ellie Horner for looking at her work and seeing it if is her best and trying again if not.


Word of the Week - Attitude

Friday 22nd September 2017


Ellisia Peace in Class 3 for a fantastic attitude in phonics.

Edie Hensby in Class 4 for a super role model in reading. 

Alex Bentley in Class 5 for his resilient attitude towards his learning.

Edward Delaney in Class 6 for having a brilliant attitude towards his learning.

Thomas Buxton in Class 8 for a superb attitude towards his learning.

The whole of Class 9 for a superb attitude on the school visit and excellent behaviour and teamwork.

Zach Smith in Class 11 for showing perseverance to improve his learning.


Any Word of the Week

Friday 15h September 2017

Lucas Foster in Class 4 for being brave and trying hard in PE.

William Clarke in Class 5 for his fantastic attitude towards his learning and for always challenging his learning.

Esmaii-Mya Jenkinson in Class 6 for settling into school beautifully and being a Redscope Learner.

The whole of Class 7 for fantastic behaviour on the school visit.

Abi Willimson in Class 8 for trying hard in everything she does. 

Isabelle Colclough in Class 11 for a fantastic attitude to her learning.

Kelsie Dhame for trying really hard to reach her full potential.

Yorusalem Yossi for a positive attitude to all her learning in the classroom and at home.

Bethany Beck and Star Williamson for fantastic teamwork.

Samantha Onuferova for an excellent attitude towards her learning. 


Word of the Week - Pride 

Friday 8th September 2017

Tamara Karim in Class 3 for taking pride in all of her work this week.

The whole of Class 4 for taking pride in their work and the class looking after each other.

Oliver Gray in Class 5 for taking pride in every piece of work he has done since entering Y2.

Aaron Ford in Class 6 for being really helpful this week and having good ideas to contribute to the class.

Autumn Jackson in Class 7 for taking pride in her learning.

Gabriella Rodgers in Class 8 for an amazing start to Y3 and taking pride in all her learning.

Joshua Graham in Class 9 for taking pride in everything that he does - excellent attitude, presentation and handwriting skills. Joshua always goes above and beyond and is keen to share what he knows with others.

The whole of Class 10 for taking pride in everything they have done.

Dior Adams in Class 11 for taking pride in all areas of her learning.

The whole of Class 12 for an amazing start.

The whole of Class 13 for a great start and taking pride in all their learning.

The whole of Class 14 for an amazing start to Y6!  

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