B Fox Class 9 for showing potential in his writing – he is making lots of progress
M Sullivan Class 3 for showing lots of potential in her writing – she always stays on task and gives her best
A Fletcher Class 4 for showing such potential in her reading – she really enjoys learning about new things
B Hall Class 5 for showing lots of potential in her reading and making great progress
E Whitby – Cheetham Class 6 for showing lots of potential in her learning. She always tries her very best, listens to feedback and improves her work
S Williamson Class 10 showing potential in her learning, especially writing
A Cooper Class 8 – he always know when to ask for help and acts on what he has been told. So showing potential for improving work
M Manhembe Class 12 keen interest in and knowledge of today’s historic space – walk. Showing potential for her future – she is really inspired!
L Hizam Class 11 for showing so much potential especially in his written work. He makes me smile every day!
E Whitehouse Class 13 showing potential in all curriculum areas. She is so keen to do well and strives to improve continuously.
M Myers Class 14 showing potential in maths by using times tables.

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