Class 9 for working collaborately to innovate an idea
E Jackson & L Blunt Class 4for their collaborative work in mathematics
Class 5 whole class for working together in collaboration to create a friendship circle
Class 6 whole class for working together to create a poster about collaboration
C Newby, G Crofts, H Kilmel & C Squires Class 7 working collaboratively to innovate a new design
A Cooper Class 8 his skills of dealing with bullying or when someone is upset
J Young & Y Yonathon Class 10 for working well collaboratively in writing
L Sanders & L Hill Class 11 for being fantastic learning partners in maths and working together to produce an anti-bullying poster
Class 13 sharing ideas and collaborating well during discussion task
Class 14 excellent collaborative skills for the disco
Maddison Class 12 always working well with others and showing great collaborative skills during enterprise lesson

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