L Knapp Class 9  Always taking pride in everything that she does
K Pearson Class 13 always taking pride in everything that she does
A Green Always taking pride with her writing
T Maggin class 12 Always taking pride with everything she does
K Fletcher Class 8 Consistently taking pride in all areas of learning
H Kilmel Class 7 Taking pride in all her learning
Y Yonathon Class 10 Taking pride in everything he does
K Hurst Class 6 For always taking pride in her learning
O Royston Class 1 For presenting every piece of work beautifully
All of class 5 For taking pride in working as a class to fill our reward jar
D Djoudi Class 4 For taking such pride in the writing she has been doing at home
K Lazenby Class 3 For taking pride in his writing this week

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