R Newey Class 9 For showing his resilience in his learning
A Bradshaw & C Newby Class 7 resilience in Cross Country resilience in learning
M Rodgers Class 11 for demonstrating resilience when working in maths
G Ndondo Class 12 for showing great resilience when coming to a new school and really trying hard with all his learning
M Knight Class 14 Excellent resilience when playing rugby
S Smith Class 13 showing resilience in our new addition methods in maths
D Adams Class 8 Showing resilience at Whirlow Farm
Mrs Browns Maths Group Class 10 For showing resiliencein maths when learning to do subtraction on a number line
Miss Jordan X Struggles Showing resilience in his writing
Mrs Boston Class 4 Cory B for trying his best in Mrs Felvus phonics group
L Harding Class 5 For showing resilience doing some independent writing

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