Class 9 Class 9 For excellent behaviour on the visit
I Rafiq Class 9 For enthusiasm on the visit
Class 10 Class 10 For excellent behaviour/ attitude on our school trip
Y Yonathon Class 10 For settling well into his new class
Class 7 Class 7 For settling into new routines quickly.
A Parkin Class 8 For making the right choice in her attitude to her learning
Class 11 Class 11 For making an excellent start to Year 5
K Macarthur Class 12 For making a great start to Year 5 and doing some great writing.
Class 13 G Farrell-Swann her positive attitude towards her learning.
H Burrow Class 14 an excellent Y6 attitude and independent learning
Class 3 A Rafiq Always trying hois best in every lesson
Class 4 K Rodzoch Always trying his best in numeracy and literacy
Class 5 E Hull For fantastic independent learning in numeracy
Class 6 Callum Phillips For settling into our class and always trying his best

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