Mrs P Dobbin
Redscope Primary School
Kimberworth Park Road
S61 3JT
Tel: 01709 740350
Your call will ususally be answered by Mrs Knight or Mrs Willows 

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  • our year 4 topic was OASEM learning all about the Romans. xxxxxxxx

  • I bet You enjoyed it!!!!!

  • I would like to commend your pupils that attended Greasbrough on Thursday for the Remembrance Service. Although there were three schools taking part Redscope stood out for their inclusion of all your pupils attending. The two that laid the wreath were worthy of going to Whitehall. They did it so perfectly and shuffled backwards together until they were both in position and bowed their heads in unison. The older generation that I was standing with, and ourselves, were greatly touched by this it was a perfect finale to the wreath laying.

    As a former Redscope student I am proud to be associated with your staff and students today they are a credit to the community.

    Kind regards

    Valerie Ball

  • I would like to thank the school for all their help with my son recently – his teacher is now seeing much improvement in his behaviour and i feel us all sticking to the same page has helped him immensely.
    What i would like to ask is, is there any chance for the school to consider doing an after school club for people that work?? I have changed jobs recently and have had 3 childminders let me down, i know i am not the only one that would benefit from the school doing this and if you charged the same as the morning club these funds could go towards school funding. I hope in the near future you do consider it as it is beneficial for working families and also the school.

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