Uniform creates a sense of belonging to the school. 

Our uniform is a red sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan, red or white polo shirts and black or grey trousers/kneelength skirt/pinafore dress or red/white checked dress. In summer, black knee length shorts can be worn. Sweatshirts etc and reversible jackets with the school logo can be bought from Pinders or Johnnie D in Rotherham town centre. It is not essential for your child to have the school logo on their uniform. Children should wear black flat shoes or trainers.

Parents should label their child’s clothing to avoid items going missing.

Any parent needing help with organising a uniform can ask the school.

PE Kit – black shorts, white t-shirt, indoor pumps and outdoor trainers.

Pupils must not wear make up or jewellery in school.

Extreme hair styles (eg dyed blue/pink etc, mohawks, carved designs etc) are not allowed.