School Day

Session times

Foundation Stage AM Start 8.55, finish 11.55
PM Start 12.15, finish 3.15

Key Stage 1 AM Start 8.55 finish 12.00
PM Start 1.15, finish 3.15

Key Stage 2 AM Start 8.55, finish 12.30
PM Start 1.30, finish 3.20

Children accompanied by parents are welcomed into the classroom from 8.45 when they are encouraged to
take part in welcome activities (or ‘Stay & Play’ FS2).
Children are encouraged to read and do Morning Activities during this period. Parents are welcome to come
into school during this time.


FS 11.45 – 1.00
KS1 12.00 – 1.15
KS2 12.30 – 1.30

Each class in FS and KS1 has an SMSA. In KS2 an SMSA has been allocated to each year group. In KS1
children are collected from the classrooms by the allocated SMSA. Relevant information regarding some
children may need to be passed on to the SMSA at this time. Pupils are not permitted to remain in
classrooms at lunchtime unsupervised.
KS2 children will be dismissed by their class teacher at the end of the morning session and will be met by
the SMSA’s on the playground who will direct each class into lunch on a rota basis.
At the end of lunchtime the children should line up on the playground and be collected by the class teacher.

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