Class 3 – Super behaviour on our trip.
Class 4 – All the children were amazing on the trip
Class 6 – Excellent behaviou on our visit to the Chestnut Centre.
Class 5 – For fantastic behavior on our visit to the Chestnut Centre.
Paige H & Annabellle H – Showing determination to be successful learners.
All of Class 12 – Exemplary behaviour on the school visit to York.
Class 11 – Good general behaviour and manners from the whole class.
Chelsey B, Class 9 – For trying really hard in numeracy.
Year 4 – Swimming certifictes, well done!
Chantelle T – Always trying her best.
Grace C, Class 5 – For a fantastic information poster.
Lilly M, Class 6 – Trying really hard to improve her writing.
Connor S, Class 8 – Talks about what he reads clearly and enthusiastically.
Charlie K, Class 4 – For trying his best with his story.

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