Education is a partnership between home and school. Children who are supported in their learning at home make better progress.  We want to help parents understand how to support their child with their learning and recognise how this may have changed since parents were at school.

 We offer help to parents individually as well as running a range of workshops and courses for parents on a regular basis in school and at the Children’s Centre, including Family Literacy & Numeracy, Computers, First Aid, Positive Parenting and Story Boxes etc.

Please look out for notices advertising these but do not hesitate to ask if there is some aspect of your child’s education you need information about.

 Leaflets about how to help your child with their learning are available in school.

Speaking and listening

Research shows that children who engage in conversation with parents do much better at school. Speaking and listening skills are so important in everything we do. We would ask that all parents encourage their children to develop these skills by being interested in what they have learnt in school, what their hobbies and interests are and by sharing what happens in their daily life. 

Information for Parents

School provides a monthly newsletter for parents, which includes current and future information. Letters regarding educational visits, events and new initiatives are sent home with your child. Curriculum information sheets are sent home each term to let you know what your child is learning about. These include advice on maximising learning at home and sometimes include family activities or homework.

 We have parent/teacher meetings every term and provide a written record of achievement towards the end of the school year.

 General information, application forms etc are available from the leaflet stand outside the school office. The office staff are able to offer advice and will try to answer any queries you may have.

Other information including school policies, booklets and legal documents are available in school for parents to read on request. 

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