Olivia W, Class 9 – For improvement in attitude to learning.
Zach S, Class 6 – For always trying his very best with his learning.
Neque H – Brilliantly being able to answer questions about our story this week.
All Class 4 – For all being such a nice, well behaved class for Mrs Ball.
Lewis F – Excellent reading progress.
Lauren C & Ruya M, Class 14 – Excellent helpfulness and improvement in reading.
Harrison S, Class 12 – Improved learning, better attitude.
All Class 11 – Working well over the last few weeks.
All Class 7 – For being well behaved, well mannered and trying really hard in all of their work.
Teyea F, Class 8 – Attitude and determination in maths.
Cole S, Class 5 – For excellent behaviour and always trying his best.

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