Millie C, Class 7 – Writing a superb myth quest
Lilly K, Class 7 – For having a positive attitude
Y3/Y4 Basketball Team – For putting in 100% effort in and never giving up
Courtney B, Class 9 – Improvements in her attitude to learning
Lydia H, Class 8 – Fantastic progree in maths
Amy-Rose W, Class 10 – Trying hard to improve her handwriting
Keara E, Class 13 – Excellent progress, particularly in reading
Carys N, Class 14 – Excellent attitude to learning. Good style with writing
David T, Class 6 – Trying really hard with his learning
Kyron R, Class 6 – A fantastic attitude to his learning and for alwats trying his best
Harley H, Class 5 – Going up, moving reading levels
All Class 3 – Home learning project
All Class 4 – Home learning project
Chloe B (from Miss Ball), Class 4 – Fabulous writing in literacy
All Class 11 – Excellent artwork with space pictures
Casey S, Class 12 – 100% effort and attitude to learning
Millie B, Class 12 – A wonerful character description of the healthy wolf
Summer M, Class 3 – Her super story writing
Oliver B, Class 4 – For his super story writing
Mantas K, Class 13 – Improved focus and readiness for learning
Becky S & Charle S, Class 11 – Excellent attitude to learning
Sam S, Class 11 – Good behaviour
Ella B, Class 12 – Good mathematical thinking and explanation
Poppy I, Class 10 – For always doing the right thing
Thomas C, Class 8 – Increasing confidence when speaking
Jack B, Class 9 – Excellent progress in maths

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