Olivia W, Class 9 – For excellent contribution in numeracy.
Lewis C, Class 3 – For trying hard in literacy this week.
Charlotte B, Class 4 – For trying so hard with her reading both at home and at school.
Aiden S, Class 6 – For his effort, he is now trying so hard with his learning.
Jack B, Class 10 – For having a much improved attitude towards his learning.
Layton L, Class 7 – For always trying his best.
Jessica Y, Class 8 – Fantastic progress in her reading and growing confidence.
Lucy Y, Class 14 – Contributing more in class. Excellent writing progress.
Sam B, Class 13 – Excellent effort in all curriculum areas.
Connor C, Class 11 – For having an improved attitude to learning.
Leah D, Class 12 – For always doing her best in vlass. A great role model.
Harley H, Class 5 – For making big improvements in his learning.
Aiden S, Clas 6 – For being a fantastic Angel Gabriel in the Christmas play.
Jack B, Class 9 – For excellent improvements in learning.

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