Evan B, Class 9 – For trying hard.
Ms Gilberts Phonic Group, Class 3 – Careful listening and writing.
Gearge G – For being a dedicated classroom monitor.
Dior A, Class 6 – For always being organised and ready to learn. For always trying her best.
Owen H, Class 7 – Always being ready to learn.
Bethany B, Class 8 – Listening to a high standard and completing homework.
Olivia W, Class 11 – For using creative and ambitious vocabulary in her description of the woods.
Libby-Blu W, Class 12 – For using creative vocabulary in descriptive work about the worlds.
Hannah G, Class 13 – An excellent attitude towards all aspects of her learning.
Class 14 – Excellent behaviour and attitude at the Cenotaph.
James J – For always going home and carrying on his learning.
Lydia S, Class 10 – For brilliant work during interventions.

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