The last day of term was a special day as we had lots of things to celebrate.

Team Point Treat

The red team won the team point trip and got to go bowling and have meal. They were impeccably behaved so it was no wonder they received so many team points throughout the year! Well done reds!

IMG_2608    IMG_2632   IMG_2626

Redscope Learning Awards

It was also our final celebration assembly where our annual ‘Redscope Learners’ were announced. These children are excellent role models and always show the learning behaviours expected at our school. Collectively they represent resilience, determination, potential, creativity, collaboration, enjoyment, reflectiveness and of course independence.


Our Winners are

Redscope Early Years – Amelia Loft

Clever Kittens – Lukas Remeikas and Nooram Chaudary

Class 1 – Brandon Doko

Class 2 – Sami Djoudi

Class 3 Lacey Homes

Class 4 – Mason Wombell

Class 5 -Lily Toplis

Class 6 – Ava Fletcher

Class 7 – Lily May Taylor

Class 8 – Kady Hurst

Class 9 – Shay Duggan

Class 10 – Grace Swallow

Class 11 – Yosi Yonathan

Class 12 – Kiera Coates

Class 13 Annabel Hammond

Class 14 – Leo Hizam

Adult – Mrs Bronwen Watson

Congratulations to all our winners!

28 Years of Service

It was also a special day for Bronwen Watson who retired after 28 years of dedicated service to our school. She worked tirelessly as first a governor and then the Chair of governors for our children.

As a thank you, the children presented her with a rose for the garden and a hand painted vase and plate. They also watched a clip of her receiving her MBE which she also brought in to show them. She will be missed very much and we wish her well in her retirement. She deserves a rest after such long and relentless effort working to improve the lives of our children.

She will be joining FORUM as a volunteer member so will still be very much part of the Redscope family.

Redscope Learning Awards 2016

IMG_9184   It was a difficult decision for staff to choose which children should receive the Redscope Learning Awards as so many children always try their best and are 100% committed to learning.

Redscope Early Years – Kaiden Russell

Clever Kittens AM– Jacob Dimler

Clever Kittens PM- Edie Hensby

Class 1 – Kiera Blyth

Class 2- Edward Delaney

Class 3 – Finlay Boot

Class 4 – Mason Baldwin

Class 5 – Yorus Yonathan

Class 6 – James Hall

Class 7 – Harry Turner

Class 8 – Katie Fletcher

Class 9 – Layton Shortland-Senior

Class 10 – Bethany Beck

Class 11 – Tyler Jackson

Class 12 – Demi Ramsden

Class 13 – Katie Pearson

Class 14 – Ryan Ansley

Well done to all of these children. You are shining examples of what a Redscope learner should be!

Mrs Poskitt won the staff award for all her hard work, enthusiasm and commitment. She is an excellent role model and is exactly what a Redscope learner should be!

Home Reading Stars!

Home Reading Stars

Well done to our ‘Home Reading Stars’. These children collected the most stickers over the year for reading at home.  Remember that every time you read at home an adult needs to sign your planner. Collect three signatures for a sticker. Collect 5 stickers for a prize from the prize tub. Keep reading like these children and you might win next year!


Class 1 – Sienna Stanley

Class 2 – Jack Taylor

Class 3 – Archie Williamson

Class 4 –Cara Monks

Class 5 – Summer Myers

Class 6 – Joshua Clark

Class 7 – Cole Barton

Class 8 – Declan Robinson

Class 9 – Riley Young

Class 10 – Bethany Beck

Class 11 – Casey Lindley

Class 12 – Kieran Jeffreys

Class 13 – Eva Whitehouse

Class 14 – Jake Beck

Special Awards – best 2nd places

Joey Jones and Hannah Bennett



Green Team are Victorious!

photo 1photo 3photo 5







This year the green team won the team point challenge. They were 4 points ahead of the blue team … so every single point counts. The Green team had an amazing reward. They were taken bowling, had a wimpy meal and then went to the park for ice lollies and outdoor fun. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. All the staff commented that this group were the best that we had ever taken. They were so polite and well mannered. It was no wonder that they were the winning team.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 4







Well done Greens! Which team will win in 2015-16?

photo 5 photo 4 photo 2

One Voice

IMGP0916 IMGP0921 IMGP0922







The Year 4 and 5 children visited the New York Stadium to sing as part of the One Voice celebration. The months of rehearsals were worth it as the children sounded amazing. The children particularly enjoyed singing ‘The dragons under my bed’. They loved seeing Mrs Bennett, who was conducting our section of the choir. Despite the rain, the event was a huge success. Staff commented on how proud they were of our children as everyone was so beautifully behaved. Well done children. You are a credit to your parents.

Egg-cellent Easter

Thank you so much to everyone who entered our Easter bonnet/ hat competition. We had over 100 entries! Each one was brilliant and must have taken ages to make. The judges had a very difficult job but eventually decided on 13 winners. Congratulations to everyone who won and well done to everyone who had a go.

Sweet Science!

ClassIMGP0376 8 enjoyed using spaghetti and marshmallows to make stable structures. Through trial and error they discovered that reinforced diagonals and short strips of spaghetti make the best structures!IMGP0369

What a fun learning experience!IMGP0377


Eclipse 2015

We all went outside to experience the eclipse. Sadly science does not always work out perfectly… it was so cloudy that we did not see very much. We did experience an eerie silence and the temperature dropped. Lots of classes read the Rotherham safety advice, watched the live stream or completed some related science learning. photo 1photo 2photo 4

Young Voices 2015









Y6 visited the Sheffield Arena on Thursday 22nd of January to perform at the Young Voices concert. The atmosphere was electric and fun was had by all. We performed with Lucy Spraggan from Britain’s Got Talent. We loved the medleys and got to perform 2 in assembly in Friday for the rest of the school.



Snow Scenes!

We had so much fun last week. It snowed and Mrs Dobbin let us go out to play … provided we were sensible! We made snowmen, snow sculptures, massive snow balls. It was fantastic. The field was full of laughter and happy smiling faces.

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