Redscope Primary School

The last day of term was a special day as we had lots of things to celebrate.

Team Point Treat

The red team won the team point trip and got to go bowling and have meal. They were impeccably behaved so it was no wonder they received so many team points throughout the year! Well done reds!

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Redscope Learning Awards

It was also our final celebration assembly where our annual ‘Redscope Learners’ were announced. These children are excellent role models and always show the learning behaviours expected at our school. Collectively they represent resilience, determination, potential, creativity, collaboration, enjoyment, reflectiveness and of course independence.


Our Winners are

Redscope Early Years – Amelia Loft

Clever Kittens – Lukas Remeikas and Nooram Chaudary

Class 1 – Brandon Doko

Class 2 – Sami Djoudi

Class 3 Lacey Homes

Class 4 – Mason Wombell

Class 5 -Lily Toplis

Class 6 – Ava Fletcher

Class 7 – Lily May Taylor

Class 8 – Kady Hurst

Class 9 – Shay Duggan

Class 10 – Grace Swallow

Class 11 – Yosi Yonathan

Class 12 – Kiera Coates

Class 13 Annabel Hammond

Class 14 – Leo Hizam

Adult – Mrs Bronwen Watson

Congratulations to all our winners!

28 Years of Service

It was also a special day for Bronwen Watson who retired after 28 years of dedicated service to our school. She worked tirelessly as first a governor and then the Chair of governors for our children.

As a thank you, the children presented her with a rose for the garden and a hand painted vase and plate. They also watched a clip of her receiving her MBE which she also brought in to show them. She will be missed very much and we wish her well in her retirement. She deserves a rest after such long and relentless effort working to improve the lives of our children.

She will be joining FORUM as a volunteer member so will still be very much part of the Redscope family.

We had a fabulous day in Filey and the weather was lovely and warm. We enjoyed a fish and chip lunch in a restaurant and then walked to the Coble Landing for a talk with the RNLI. We looked at the rescue boats, their equipment and also spoke to a lifeguard about his role. Afterwards, we visited the gift shop and arcades. We then walked across the sea front and spent the rest of the afternoon on the beach. The children had fun playing in the sand, paddling in the sea and to finish the day off we all had a delicious ice cream.

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The year 1 children had a fantastic time on their trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. They saw lots of amazing animals inlcluding Lions, Zebras, Tigers, Leopards and Polar bears.  All children participated in a workshop learning about how we can classify animals into different groups and had some close encounters with hissing cockroaches and giant land snails.

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Year 5 had an amazing time at Murton Park in York. We took part in lots of exciting activities, which helped us understand more about life as a Viking. We became farmers, potters and warriors and carried out the some of the duties they would have undertaken around twelve hundred years ago.

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Spring Term 100% attendance reward.  85 children achieved 100% attendance (January – April) They all enjoyed a cinema afternoon in school. Well done and keep up the fantastic attendance. Leo won the £30 Toys R Us prize draw and chose Tegan to accompany him. They both enjoyed a McDonald’s. Well Done for both achieving 100% attendance

Leo 3 Leo 1

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