Governors may be contacted through the school office.

Our Governors at Redscope are a group of volunteers with a wide variety of skills, all of whom are committed to ensuring that all pupils at Redscope are the best that they can be and that the school delivers quality education.

The governors work closely with the Headteacher and Senior leadership team (SLT) to make sure that the school is both challenged and supported. They ensure that Redscope children have the best educational opportunities.

The Governing Body has a wide range of duties in the management of the school including:-

  • Agreeing school policy
  • Monitoring achievement and progress within the school
  • Challenging and monitoring the budget
  • Overseeing the curriculum
  • Making staff appointments alongside the SLT

The Governing Body has a strategic role which means they decide what they want the school to achieve and set the framework for getting there.

This includes:-

  • Setting appropriate aims and objectives
  • Agreeing policies, targets and priorities
  • Monitoring and reviewing aims and objectives and, whether targets and priorities are being achieved