Kieran J, Hannah B & Peter T Class 9 – For excellent teamwork to produce a fantastic woodland description.
Reece R, Class 3 – Being a pleasure to have in class.
Rubyn B, Class 4 – For trying so hard in our PE sessions, he is a superstar.
Sam M, Class 5 – For being a fantastic friend to everyone.
Joshua B, Class 6 – For trying really hard to improve his reading at home and school. For having the right attitude to his learning.
Class 14 – Amazing collaboration on our popcorn day. Learning partres really helped each other.
Class 13 – Excellent teamwork skills at the CLC.
Jack T, Class 12 – Working hard in his writting team,and showing patience and kindness to another child in his group.
Finley S, Class 11 – Excellent attitude to his work.
Ebony E, Class 7 – Resilience and an “I can do this attitude”.
Harry J, Class 8 – Being ready to answer more challenging questions at all times this week. Really switched on to his learning.
Tevis M, Class 10 – For an excellent attitude on our woodland walk.

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