Support Staff

Foundation Stage

Mrs M Pritchard

Miss L Cutler

Mrs T Jackson

Mrs S Murray

Key Stage 1 

Year 1

Mrs C Kime

Mrs S Eastwood

Mrs A Felvus - Cover Supervisor

Year 2 

Mrs L Sigsworth

Miss L Mitchell

Key Stage 2 

Year 3 

Mrs M Wilks

Mrs J Mawson

Year 4 

Miss N Tilley

Mrs K Brown

Year 5 

Mrs C Walton

Ms G Fossey

Year 6 

Miss J Carratt

Mrs W Smith - Cover Supervisor

Closing the Gap/ SEN Support Assistants

Mrs J McKay - HLTA and SENCO Administration

Mrs C Jenkinson - HLTA

Ms C Poskitt

Ms B Cope

Mrs R McCord

Miss T Heard

Mrs T Sayles

Miss E Whalley

Mrs J Ross

Mrs L Clarke

Family Liaison Coordinators

Mrs A Tasker

Mrs D Mason




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