Mrs P Dobbin

I  enjoy reading and love going on holiday in my caravan.

Mrs N McClaire
Y2 Teacher

I like teaching Literacy & my favourite book is Tess of the D'urbevilles


Mrs E Taylor
Y2 Teacher

I like to teach Art and Literacy.  My favourite book is George's Marvellous Medicine

Mrs E Cobley
Y2 Teacher

I like to teach Numeracy and love to read Matila.

Mrs A Binney
Y2 Support

I love doing creative activities and enjoy cooking with the children.

Ms B Cope
Y2 Support

I like teaching reading and my favourite book is Just William.

Mr M Jordan
Y2 Support

I like reading.

Miss F Jordan
Y1 Teacher

I like to teach Numeracy and Art. I like to read the Dirty Bertie books.

Ms M O'Brien
Y1 Teacher

My favourite lessons are Music and Literacy, I like to read Matilda.

Mrs C Kime
FS Support


I love reading, maths and outdoor play.

Mrs A Felvis
Y1 Support

 I love creative activities such as construction and cooking!


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