Annabel H, Class 9 – For always beings so enthusiastic in class.

Enica H – Trying really hard during carpey sessions and during group tasks.

Caisey S – For her excellent holiday diary.

Kai M, Class 10 – For writing a great recount of our visit to Clumber Park.

Class 7 – The whole class for their excellent behaviour on Whirlow Farm trip.

Jasmine H, Class 8 – Being ready to learn at all times.

Ethan B, Class 11 – For working to improve his Literacy sills.

Eden G, Class 14 – Excellent attitude – learning from mistakes.

Mieka A, Class 6 – Always trying her best.

Harry T, Class 5 – Super mathematician.

Ella-Mae B Class 12 – For effort and enthusiasm in lessons.