What an amazing day! Famous author and ex-pupil Peter Murray officially opened our ‘Tranquil Harbour Reading Area’. Jim, who created our beautiful garden, also came to be part of our celebrations. This was a great chance to thank him for all of his hard work. Pete gave an inspirational talk to the pupils in KS2 about his life, books and future ambitions. The children found him to be a warm and funny man.

Mrs Dobbin let the children have ice-creams to celebrate the ‘seaside theme of the garden. The children loved this and spent most of playtime chasing playing ‘Mokee  Joe’  the villain from Peter’s books. Most importantly Pete’s message to us was, “If I’m from Redscope and I can do it then you most definitely can too!” Look out for pictures of us in the Rotherham Advertiser this week.


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