This term FIMGP8786amily learning ran a short course for Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1 parents and carers to work with their children to make a story bag. We had 44 adults who worked really hard with their children to make some fantastic bags to go with a traditional story. In Year 2 we read traditional tales with a twist, Jack and the Bean Pie, Little Bad Riding Hood, The Three Frilly Goats Fluff and The New Neighbour (a twist on The Three Little Pigs). Foundation Stage and Year 1 children read the more traditional versions of the well known stories.  Everyone decorated a bag, made puppets for the characters in their story, made a game to practise reading tricky words and wrote part of the story to match with a picture sequence.



SoIMGP8792me children even managed to collect lots of objects to match with their story, such as a pack of turnip seeds and a pair of gardening gloves for The Enormous Turnip or a Gingerbread Man cutter and recipe card for The Gingerbread Man. The course ended with a celebration of all the hard work and the bags were on display to share with class teachers and Mrs Dobbin and Mrs Watson our Chair of Governors. The children were presented with certificates and they in turn presented their adult partner with a certificate too. We enjoyed cakes and drinks and some parents in Year 2 baked with their children for the event. Well done to everyone who came along and worked so hard whilst having fun!



DSC01805 DSC02027 DSCF3011

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