Class 14 visited the New York Stadium this week. We had a special talk by Peter Murray, a preview of his new football book and a tour of the stadium. We saw all areas of the stadium including the changing rooms. Some of us got to sit in Ben Pringle’s spot! Everyone behaved beautifully and relished being chosen to represent the school. During the event the story writing winners were chosen and our very own Charlie Stringer won! Well done Charlie!IMG_3688IMG_3687IMG_3670IMG_3673IMG_3654IMG_3647









IMG_3232 IMG_3250 IMG_3280 IMG_3288 IMG_3296 IMG_3312Today (5th Feb) a Mayan warrior came to school. He educated Y6 on all things Mayan. We learned how to count in Mayan, special  Mayan words and moves and created drama scenes to explain aspects of the life of the Maya. We got to try on Mayan clothing including a fabulous head piece.







It was a wonderful day.










Y6 visited the Sheffield Arena on Thursday 22nd of January to perform at the Young Voices concert. The atmosphere was electric and fun was had by all. We performed with Lucy Spraggan from Britain’s Got Talent. We loved the medleys and got to perform 2 in assembly in Friday for the rest of the school.



On Friday Year 6 invited parents to attend a special movie preview. They showed parents their silent movies and let them look through their writing.
The parent all left lovely comments about the learning. They were wowed by the amazing acting skills.
Many thanks to all of of the parents who managed to attend the event. We are already planning what to do next time!

Year 2 and Year 6 visited the Cenotaph today for Remembrance day. They walked all the way down to Greasbrough. Year 6 pupils were each paired with a Year 2 to buddy. The staff were impressed by the behaviour and attitude of all of the children. They were so sensible and represented the school really well. All of the children were a credit to school and their parents.
On the way back to school a member of the community stopped us to say that she had seen us at the cenotaph and thought that all of the children were very well behaved and how lovely it was to see the children at the service. Well done Y6 and Y2!

Love and tragedy were in the air last week as an excellent production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was given to our Y5 and 6 pupils. Everyone was amazed by the multiple roles the actors played and complex Shakespearian language which was made easy to understand.

“An amazing play… with a heartbreaking ending.” Madeleine.

“It has made me even more determined to become an actress!” Jasmin

“It was awesome!” Ryan

The play was inspirational and has created a frenzy about Shakespeare. All of the children have created emotional letters and diaries… some so sad that Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Mullett nearly cried! The learning has been absolutely fantastic! The production company has e-mailed school to say what a lovely atmosphere our school has and how brilliant it is to have children so enthused by Shakespeare. Some children have read a variety of other plays and absolutely loved them. Green group can’t wait for Richard the third! Other children have written poems and diaries in their spare time!


Year 6 visited Crucial Crew on Friday the 17th of October and had an amazing day. They discovered how to deal with serious injuries and learnt about peer pressure. They found out about the workings of a magistrates court and saw a prison cell.  Interestingly they discovered about hoax calls and the cost to lives from fire.

“I loved it!” Aaron.

“The magistrates court was amazing! I’m inspired to work hard and become a lawyer!” Eden.

“The staff delivered the messages so well. We know how to respond to peer pressure and not get drawn in to anti social behaviour!”

The children will be busy this week recounting their visit and creating safety posters.  Look out for them on the website and around school soon!

Year Six had an amazing day on Monday the 6th of October when they visited the Media Museum in Bradford. They were wowed by a stunning presentation of how a TV studio works. Some children got a chance to work the cameras and others acted out a script. The children also got the chance to explore the exhibits. They saw the real Thunderbirds puppets, Morph, Wallace and Gromit and of course the ‘smash’ robots. The day went much too quickly and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
Mums and dads, your children were a credit to you. They behaved superbly!



Singing superstars from Year 4, 5 and 6 were given the chance to perform at the One Voice concert. The night was enjoyed by everyone. The teachers were so
proud of the children and reported that everyone behaved beautifully and sang their hearts out.
It went so well that the teachers and children can’t wait for next year!