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This year the green team won the team point challenge. They were 4 points ahead of the blue team … so every single point counts. The Green team had an amazing reward. They were taken bowling, had a wimpy meal and then went to the park for ice lollies and outdoor fun. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. All the staff commented that this group were the best that we had ever taken. They were so polite and well mannered. It was no wonder that they were the winning team.

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Well done Greens! Which team will win in 2015-16?

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The Year 4 and 5 children visited the New York Stadium to sing as part of the One Voice celebration. The months of rehearsals were worth it as the children sounded amazing. The children particularly enjoyed singing ‘The dragons under my bed’. They loved seeing Mrs Bennett, who was conducting our section of the choir. Despite the rain, the event was a huge success. Staff commented on how proud they were of our children as everyone was so beautifully behaved. Well done children. You are a credit to your parents.









Y6 visited the Sheffield Arena on Thursday 22nd of January to perform at the Young Voices concert. The atmosphere was electric and fun was had by all. We performed with Lucy Spraggan from Britain’s Got Talent. We loved the medleys and got to perform 2 in assembly in Friday for the rest of the school.



rotherham minster

142200-16 Advertiser Carol Concert

On Saturday 6th December the Redscope School Choir performed at Rotherham Minster for the Advertiser Christmas Concert. They were very impressive and represented the school incredibly well. They wowed the gathered congregation with ‘Musical Memories’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Whatever I do’ and a goosebump creating rendition of ‘Love Shone Down’. It was a magical night which got everybody into the festive spirit.

Thank you to all of the parents who came to support their children and of course the children themselves who were fantastic! Special thanks to Mrs Whiteley, Mrs Walton, Mrs Tattershall and Mrs Hutchinson for all their hard work in the run up to this event.


Today we had a special production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. It was fantastic! The cast used amazing scenery and lighting effects to create a stunning performance. The children laughed, clapped and cheered along to a thoroughly entertaining experience.

“The best part was when Mrs Taylor and Mrs McClaire had to get up on stage. They were so good … like professional dancers.” Ethan
“I loved Buttercup the cow costume and all of the dance routines.” Charlie.
We all loved how the cast had linked in modern songs and dance moves to make the show original. The whole experience really got us in a Christmas spirit as it was a real pantomime! Thanks to Mrs Walpole for organising this event.

On Friday the choir held a special concert for their parents and KS2 children in aid of Children in Need. The whole event was a huge success and the choir sang beautifully. Mr Russell said as an audience member the concert was extremely enjoyable and the hard work of the choir shone out. They were brilliant.
Thanks to Mrs Whiteley, and other adults who help her with the choir, who put lots of hard work into the event.
Also thanks to Brogan and Annabelle in Y6 who organised a competition for Y6 and raised £16 for children in need.

Love and tragedy were in the air last week as an excellent production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was given to our Y5 and 6 pupils. Everyone was amazed by the multiple roles the actors played and complex Shakespearian language which was made easy to understand.

“An amazing play… with a heartbreaking ending.” Madeleine.

“It has made me even more determined to become an actress!” Jasmin

“It was awesome!” Ryan

The play was inspirational and has created a frenzy about Shakespeare. All of the children have created emotional letters and diaries… some so sad that Mrs Bradbury and Mrs Mullett nearly cried! The learning has been absolutely fantastic! The production company has e-mailed school to say what a lovely atmosphere our school has and how brilliant it is to have children so enthused by Shakespeare. Some children have read a variety of other plays and absolutely loved them. Green group can’t wait for Richard the third! Other children have written poems and diaries in their spare time!


Year 6 visited Crucial Crew on Friday the 17th of October and had an amazing day. They discovered how to deal with serious injuries and learnt about peer pressure. They found out about the workings of a magistrates court and saw a prison cell.  Interestingly they discovered about hoax calls and the cost to lives from fire.

“I loved it!” Aaron.

“The magistrates court was amazing! I’m inspired to work hard and become a lawyer!” Eden.

“The staff delivered the messages so well. We know how to respond to peer pressure and not get drawn in to anti social behaviour!”

The children will be busy this week recounting their visit and creating safety posters.  Look out for them on the website and around school soon!

Year Six had an amazing day on Monday the 6th of October when they visited the Media Museum in Bradford. They were wowed by a stunning presentation of how a TV studio works. Some children got a chance to work the cameras and others acted out a script. The children also got the chance to explore the exhibits. They saw the real Thunderbirds puppets, Morph, Wallace and Gromit and of course the ‘smash’ robots. The day went much too quickly and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit.
Mums and dads, your children were a credit to you. They behaved superbly!



Singing superstars from Year 4, 5 and 6 were given the chance to perform at the One Voice concert. The night was enjoyed by everyone. The teachers were so
proud of the children and reported that everyone behaved beautifully and sang their hearts out.
It went so well that the teachers and children can’t wait for next year!