Year 5 loved the launch of their new learning. They experienced the sights, sounds and smells of life in Viking times at the Jorvik centre. They then became  archaeologists in the DIG centre. Overall it was an amazing day and a great start to the learning!

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Class 1 and 2 watched a video on Espresso about the eclipse together as well as the live coverage on BBC. Incredible to think how old these children will be for the next partial eclipse!
George and Alex decided to draw a picture of whatthey had seen.
So we decided to get some black paper and make pictures.
​George wanted to write a sentence to accompany his picture and Alex helped him come up with it.
Jacob from Class 1 explained the eclipse to the rest of F2 beautifully, saying it is when the moon passes between the sun and the earth.DSCF0303 DSCF0306 DSCF0309 DSCF0310

As part of Science week, Year 2 designed and made their own pizzas. They learnt about baking, weighing, measuring, safety and of course flavours! All of the children thoroughly enjoyed their learning!

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Y6 had an incredible experience today. As part of our Maya topic, we visited Chiquito restaurant to sample Mexican food. We all chose something from the menu and tried something different. It was so exciting. Lots of people loved the enchiladas and were full from the belly busting fajitas and taco towers. For dessert many people sampled churros. We heard about them when we studied our last topic (Spain) and finally got to try some of the sugar and cinnamon sprinkled doughnuts. They were delicious. We made our own non alcoholic cocktails and made our own nachos with a wide variety of toppings. The whole experience was incredible. We loved it so much that we want to go again! If you want to see more pictures of our amazing trip then click on ‘blogs’ then Mexican adventure!

Many thanks to the staff at Chiquito, who were all so accommodating and of course thanks to Mrs Tasker who drove us there and back (in lots of different trips) in the mini bus!IMG_1483IMG_1494IMG_1601IMG_1664

Here are some pictures of Foundation 2 on their trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
The children had a fabulous time at the park, they saw so many animals and learned so much about their habitats and lifestyle. We even met someone famous, wonder if you can guess who it is?






Today we were treated to an amazing experience. Famous Songwriter and producer Eliot Kennedy came to speak to us. Eliot shared his life story which began in our area as he was born and lives in Sheffield!  Eliot shared his love of music and his hard work and determination to make this his career. We learned that he has worked with the Spice Girls, take that and has travelled to many places in the world. He told us all about his work with Gary Barlow and the amazing experiences he had whilst recording ‘sing’. Samuel (Y3) was particularly interested in the size of the crocodiles, which Eliot met in the Solomon Islands. Eliot really inspired us all and made us realise that whatever it is that we want to do, as long as we work hard, it is possible. The children asked interesting and thoughtful questions, which proved just how much they had listened to Eliot’s speech.  He came  across as a very polite and hard working and told us that he still feels incredibly lucky to be doing a job that he loves.

Eliot also listened to some beautiful singing by the choir and whole of KS2. He loved our rendition of his song ‘sing’ and thought our new school anthem was lovely. He promised to tell his best friend Gary all about our wonderful singing. Eliot was especially impressed with the boys who were singing in the choir although he thought everyone was brilliant! If you have been inspired to follow in Eliot’s musical footsteps then see Mrs Whiteley about joining the Choir as she is always looking for new committed members.

Many thanks to Eliot for his amazing visit and of course Mrs Whiteley for persuading him to come and working so hard on our singing skills.

Photographs soon to be added!