Within school we have a group of POWER Cadets. Their role is linked to a POWER project which school are taking part in throughout the year. The aim of the project is to work with schools and other learning environments in the region to help children and young people, parents, carers and professionals have access to quality Esafety Education Provision.
The POWER Cadet programme is a student-led online safety programme. Its aim is to train children to lead in online safety in their own school environment. For more information about the project and Esafety please click on the link;


Everyone had an amazing day celebrating 60 years of learning at Redscope. Everyone  looked fantastic in their costumes. The weather stayed sunny for our picnic lunch, whole school photo and bake sale.  Thank you for all your donations of buns and cakes. We made £300 to spend on the children. bake off winners were Cade Dunn, The Harding family and Alfie Ingram.

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Our school were the top fundraisers of 2016 for Rotherham United. They sent us a signed and framed shirt and plaque as a thank you. Well done everybody … We showed everyone just what Redscope pupils can achieve!

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